GUIDE: Logging directly into IP cameras that are connected to an NVR

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GUIDE: Logging directly into IP cameras that are connected to an NVR

Postby adam » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:02 am

One of the benefits of IP cameras is that you can login directly to a camera via the user friendly web interface to adjust a wide range of settings that are not all available when going through the NVR itself. This includes the ability to default a camera if it is having issues to confirm a hardware fault.

However when cameras are connected to the Hikvision NVRs directly they are put on a separate sub net so are normally inaccessible over the network directly. Luckily however Hikvision have provided a solution via the NVRs web interface by enabling just one option:

1) Log into the NVRs web interface and go to Configuration > Network > Advanced > Other and tick 'Enable Virtual Host'

2) Then go to the left and System > System Settings > Camera Management - where you will see a new column on the far right with links allowing you to click through to each individual cameras web interface.

Unless set otherwise the username and password should be the same as the NVR.

From here you can fine tune the cameras image settings and go the the System > Maintenance menu to update firmware and perform a full factory default (Try 'restore' first before 'default').

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