Dynamic Analysis for Motion - help!

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Esso Oil
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Dynamic Analysis for Motion - help!

Postby Esso Oil » Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:38 pm

Hi there,

I have a Hikvision NVR DS-7608NI-E2/8P/A
1 x DS-2CD2042WD-I (Mini Bullet)
1 x DS-2CD2142FWD-I (Dome)
1 x Chinese PIR style spy-cam

Thanks for reading this post. I have a question about Dynamic Analysis for Motion on Hikvision NVR's. I originally thought that Dynamic analysis for motion is what puts the green event markers on the blue video timeline whenever motion is detected. This is also known as the "smart" option in playback which is essential for quickly reviewing events and incidents. Anyone with a Hikvision knows how useful the green event markers are on the timeline.

The green event markers are being shown when motion is detected on both of my Hikvision cameras. In playback I can select the "smart" option so the needle jumps to where motion was detected thus skipping over the static parts.

As an experiment I've just bought a cheap Chinese spy-cam in a PIR alarm-style housing. Don't laugh - it's surprisingly good for £18!! It's 1080p and uses the ONVIF protocol. The image is clear although it's prone to the occasional bout of heavy jittering on the bottom half of the image when it detects movement. It connected to my NVR straight away. It has movement detection and the yellow event triangle appears on the Live View screen when I move in front of it.

However, no green markers are shown on the blue timeline to indicate movement. The timeline for my PIR spy-cam is a continuous blue line no matter how much I dance in front of the camera. This means I need to manually scroll through an entire days recording to look at motion events which ideally should all have a green tag beside them.

During my research I read a post where someone else thought Dynamic analysis was to do with the green markers that track movement but they said even with Dynamic analysis off they still have green markers on their timeline. They said Dynamic analysis is what makes the red squares turn green when you view the image in motion detection mode (the screen with all the small boxes on).

Is this because my £18 spy-cam does not have Dynamic Analysis for Motion? (even though it has motion detection which does work?)
Is the Dynamic Analysis for Motion feature camera specific?

How can I get the green movement detection markers on my timeline for my cheap Chinese import? Is there a way to get the green movement bars working with any camera that can detect movement (lets face it, motion detection is available on most cameras - even the cheap ones).

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


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Re: Dynamic Analysis for Motion - help!

Postby adam » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:06 pm

Hi Esso,

I think you have discovered the limitation with ONVIF, as it basically pretty much only guarantees you have a continuous picture. Even testing a Dahua camera on a Hik NVR it is the same, motion detection does not tend to work as with IP it is down to the camera to communicate the event to the recorder to trigger recording. So unless the camera supports Hikvision's own protocol or the NVR supports the cameras specific protocol rather than the generic ONVIF one, you might have to live without motion detected recording unfortunately.

Esso Oil
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Re: Dynamic Analysis for Motion - help!

Postby Esso Oil » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:19 pm

Really appreciate the reply. There's a lot to learn. I'm very familiar with the ICT / technical side of this as I've been in the ICT contracting / networking scene for many years. I'm using some of these skills to venture into the surveillance marketplace as I find it a doddle to do the installations and configure all of the IP addresses and utilise the benefits of POE etc. Its the protocols and industry specific jargon I'm only just getting used to.

It actually wasn't the low cost of the PIR-style camera that attracted me rather the fact that I couldn't find any reputable branded cameras that would be covert enough for this particular application. I would happily spend £100 on another Hikvision bullet camera and then remove the insides to build my own covert IP POE camera that would give me motion detection tags on my playback timeline.

You mention it could be the ONVIF protocol and that it's the camera that must to communicate the event to the recorder to trigger recording. The camera does continuous recording no problem so can anyone explain what protocol or technique is actually responsible for putting the green motion detection tags (stamping) the recorded video?

Are there any small cameras (must be POE) that will do the motion detection tags with a Hikvision NVR?

Any feedback appreciated.

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