NVR and IP Camera Set Up

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NVR and IP Camera Set Up

Postby JTHOM13 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:10 am

G'day all,
I have just installed an Embedded NVR DS-76000 Series 8 Channel along with 6 Exir Turret 4 MP Network Cameras.
Problem is I can only get one camera to operate across the whole system. All the others are showing "Detecting" in the Camera Management Configuration screen of the NVR.
I have checked each camera locally at the NVR by plugging camera in with a short lead and cameras work fine.
I have checked all Cat 5 cables with a POE network tester. (All pairs are aligned and POE check is ok).
Is there a distance restriction for Cat 5 cables? I'm a little stumped!! It all points to the cable supplying cameras but not sure if I'm missing something else.
Can anyone assist?
All cameras are set to Plug and Play on NVR.
I activated a couple of cameras via SADP Tool to no avail and have since defaulted back to factory settings.

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Re: NVR and IP Camera Set Up

Postby adam » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:03 pm

The cameras should all be plug and play - but did you make up your cat 5 leads with correct cat 5 wiring - not just your own with it being the same both end? If you don;t split a pair of colours up as per propper wiring you will drastically shorten a cables distance.

Do the cameras work on the NVR using the short cable?

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