Setting Up Motion Detection On Your Hikvision Recorder

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Setting Up Motion Detection On Your Hikvision Recorder

Postby kamara » Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:39 am

Step 1: Setting up your schedule
With a mouse connected to your recorder right click on the screen and select Main Menu.

Now click on the record menu which will take you to the recording schedule.

On the right, you will see a row of colours with one of these being green by why it says Motion if you click on this.

This will now allow you to set the time periods you want motion detection to happen at. To have it record on motion 24/7 you can click and hold in the box to the right of Mon and then drag towards the bottom right-hand corner.

While doing this you will see a red box appear, the area covered by this box is the time which will be set to motion detection. If you want this to be 24/7 you will want the entire grid to be covered.

Once you have the time period selected which you want motion press the apply button.

Repeat these steps for each additional Hikvision camera you have or if you want the same settings for all cameras press the copy button. Put a tick in the box for each channel that you want to copy the settings across to and press ok.

Press the Apply button again and then you can go back.

Step 2: Configuring your motion settings
Now that you have configured the schedule you want to select the Camera option from the main menu.

Select Motion from the list on the left.

At the top, you have the option to select which camera you to setup motion detection on, leave this on channel 1 for now.

Tick the box next to where it says Enable Motion Detection.

Press on the settings button which will bring up the Trigger Channel option. As you are setting up channel 1 now you want to tick the box for channel 1 so only camera records. Click the Apply button and then press ok.

You will see a sensitivity slider for how sensitive the camera’s motion detection is. My advice would be to leave this around the middle option. Then carry out some tests or leave it for a day or two to see how many recordings you get. If you are not getting enough recordings you can make it more sensitive by making the number higher. If you’re getting too many you can make it less sensitive by making the number lower.

The image which you are getting on the left with a red grid over it shows the areas the camera is looking to detect motion. What does this mean? If you have a tree blowing in the background which is constantly triggering off the camera you can remove the grid from that section of the screen.

Once you have set the motion detection up how you want you can press the apply button at the bottom. Repeat these steps for any additional cameras which you have by selecting the camera channel at the top.

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Re: Setting Up Motion Detection On Your Hikvision Recorder

Postby Maxim » Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:27 am

If you want to capture video for "Line Crossing" as well as motion at the same time, what colour do you select in the recording schedule?
Also In step 2 where you setup the Motion section, there is also a schedule settings section here.
How does this schedule differ from the "Recording Schedule"?

Also for my outdoor cameras I have avoided marking areas where there are trees or other moving objects however I still have trouble with shadows (clouds moving in front of the sun) which triggers the motion detection.
In your experience are there any steps a user can take to reduce the false alarm rate?
I have tried the sensitivity setting and it doesn't seem to have fine enough increments, That is it either detects nothing or it picks up even small objects (at a distance) like small birds.
(NVR 7700 I Series with V3.4.92 Firmware)


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