Certain colour cars not seen!

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Certain colour cars not seen!

Postby HIKvisionKGE3 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:50 pm

I am relatively new to NPR but have got my HIKvision system working. I have set the system up to a) capture a picture of any car recognised via the NPR system and b) to send an email of the registration number for each vehicle it identifies.

Here is my problem. In every case the system sends an email containing the number plate of the vehicle recognised. However, for some cars (I don't yet know how many) it doesn't also store a picture of the car as it is recognised. However, I can always see the recognised car when looking at the associated video of the time the email was sent.

At the moment the only car I can see this occurring for is a very light blue BMW. Is it possible the colour of the car is the problem or does anyone have any previous experience of this sort of thing.


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