Bricked !!

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Bricked !!

Postby daxmatt » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:41 pm

Hi all
New on here,but hop someone can help.

I have a DS 9016-hft-st dvr/nvr.
I upgraded the fimware a few weeks back to accept my new dome cameras,all was working fine,emails,remote on ddns etc..
however i wanted to use a few analoge cameras,i selected the check boxes in the menu option for the required number,then it said system will reboot.This was the last thing it did.Now i seem to have a dead nvr.The "Embedded Net Dvr" screen comes up,then after a few seconds the screen goes blank,then scrambled,think they used to call it the death screen in the old days.After that it just keeps rebooting/looping :cry: :cry: .

Is it for the bin ,or is there anything i can do.
Ive read up on tftp server,but how can i access if the dvr keeps rebooting.
Any help appreciated

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