Cameras loose their settings

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Cameras loose their settings

Postby roelfk7 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:01 pm

Good day

I have setup 2 cameras remotely on the newtork and 2 are connected to the NVR.
The 2 remote cameras loose their settings daily but the 2 cameras on the NVR is fine.

I have phoned my supplier and they said I must not use google chrome to setup the cameras but I must use any other browser. So I did that I used IE and now the one cameras keeps it settings but the other camera still loose it settings. I have tried other browsers as well and also used other computers. but it won't keep the settings for no longer as a day.

Any suggestions please.

Secondly. I have setup the NVR on hik-connect for remote viewing on mobile and tablets etc. It work 100%

Al of a suuden after 2 weeks it shows the device is offline. although the device is online and I can access it on the LAN. I have reset the NVR. Reconfigure it and reconfig it on hik-connect. which shows the device is offline when you search for it.

Any help please?

I have worked with many other brands of cameras without hassle. why is hikvision giving so many problems?

Thanks Guys

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