7608 NVR & Hik-Connect issues

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7608 NVR & Hik-Connect issues

Postby Summy » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:37 pm


Used to have 4 DS-2CD2185FWD-I cameras connected to my NAS & LAN with a PoE switch, which worked fine. I now have 6 cameras & a DS-7608NI-I2/8P and I'm struggling with a few things.

1. How do I manage my cameras? the NVR seems very vague compared to my original setup where I managed them through iVMS or IE login
2. How can I add my NVR to my Hik-Connect account? Using IE device management page I search for the serial, it sees it, I try to add it with the passcode I generated and I constantly get a network error. Similar results with iVMS & Hik-Connect app. UnPnP is switched on on both the NVR & my Router. Bear in mind I had no problems with the individual cameras with my original setup, just now with the NVR with my new setup. When on my LAN I can see the live view with Hik-Connect app no problem.
3. How do I change the names of my cameras?!?

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