Nvr Alarm for DS-7604NI-E1/4P

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Nvr Alarm for DS-7604NI-E1/4P

Postby Nick » Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:33 am

I have the hikvision 4 channel DS-7604NI-E1/4P nvr without alarm in and outs. I am curious if there is anyway to connect and arm the NVR with an alarm? Manually installing in and out ports or connecting a device to the router to activate when triggers are actuated? For example when the device sends an emailed event becuase of a trigger can it also activate an alarm on command, basicly a siren and lights. Is there anyway to have the NVR alert actuate motion lights and sirens when the cameras are tampered with or if there's an event setting that is triggered? Has anyone had this issue before and figured out a work around to actually set an alarm with triggered events to alert residents, criminals, authorities, and the local area of an attempted break in, possibly preventing further intrusions? I hope this device is capable, it has the settings in the menu but with nothing connected it has no options to arm a alarm.

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