HikVision DVR Remote help

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HikVision DVR Remote help

Postby StuartC1986 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:55 am

Hi all
wonder if you can help, we have a CCTV system in our house with DVR DS-7208HUHI-F1/N unit, The DVR unit is a small locked cupboard (with ventilation) that has Power, Ethernet ports and also a TV amplifier so we can pick it up on all TVs throughout the house which works perfectly.

What we are struggling with is how to control the DVR unit for playback etc from 3 floors down, if we want to do play back we need to connect up a monitor and use the mouse etc for playback, is there a way we can do the playback from downstairs remotely and so it shows up on the TV rather than doing this?

wasn't sure if there was a wifi app remote we can use or anything similar?

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Re: HikVision DVR Remote help

Postby adam » Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:19 am

Hi Stuart,

If you are trying to use the monitor output, a mouse/remote is the only way and you can get IR/USB extenders. However if you want complete flexibility as long as it is networked you can use apps on phones & tablets. Although you can't usually load apps on to smart TVs you could look at an android box to connect to you smart TV which you could potentially load iVMS onto.

Failing this you can configure the DVR to move from screen to screen on a timer or when motion is detected.


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Re: HikVision DVR Remote help

Postby 27901591 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:22 am

Hi Stuart,
You can buy USB over Ethernet converters which will give you the ability to use a mouse downstairs and use the existing TV you said you already had setup, if one of your Ethernet port in the cupboard runs from the 3rd floor down to the first floor, you can use the the converters like the ones in the picture, use the one on the right at the dvr side and the one on the left down stairs, however the one that will be downstairs, attach a wireless mouse receiver to it and that will give you the capability to use a wireless mouse freely around the living room or where ever.

Alternatively you can use a laptop to do the remote playback, use Internet Explorer(the original one not edge) use the internal ip address of the dvr at the top to login in.
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