DS-7208HGHI-SH DVR 1080p

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DS-7208HGHI-SH DVR 1080p

Postby john doe » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:38 pm

wondering if someone help to clarify

I have a DS-7208HGHI-SH DVR working 8 cameras. 3 x cheap cams, 3x HIKVISION HD-TVI TURBO HD IR 50M 1080P 2MP 2.8-12 VARIFOCAL DS-2CE56D5T-VFIT3 & 2x DS-2CE56D5T-IT3 1080p.

the two issues I have are not with the cheap cams but the other 5 that are 1080p

1- only 3 cameras show in 1080p and can be switched to 720p the other two show in WD1. no option to change only to a lower resolution.
2- when looking at recording playback on 3 of the cameras they are very pixelated?

is the dvr able to playback recoding's in 1080p for all those 5 cams or does it only do so many channels at 1080p. for example 3 channels at 1080p, one channel at 720p and the others WD1?

the issue is either with the DVR or the connections (from camera to coax cable) are not done properly. latest firmware updated V3.3.4 build 170220

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