Hik-connect on device with updated firmware

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Hik-connect on device with updated firmware

Postby jedidomal » Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:15 am

I have a hikvision 7208HVI-SH DVR, which came with a very old software, version 2.12, which did not support hik-connect technology.
I recently upgraded it with a firmware available, which according to hickvision's realease notes "Conventional SD DVR deletes Hiddns and IP Server function, newly supported Hik-Connect."
But when updating via WEB browser, none of this happened. The firmware apparently remains the same, apparently only updating the version shown on the device. No hik-connect option was added in the menus, and hiddns continue to appear in the options.

The firmware used was:
Downloaded from site: hikvisioneurope
with upload date: July of 2017

Would anyone know if I need any specific procedure for the update to actually be applied?

Method used to install: Installed via web browser, the most recent firmware version, when it did not work, I installed the older versions of the available fimware until I reached the current one. The problem persists.

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