Advice on system ideas

State your requirements here (residential/commercial/distance/area to be covered/budget etc) to find out what Hikvision solution will work for you.
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Advice on system ideas

Postby mikey » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:56 am

Good Morning..

I've been considering CCTV for a while for my property but left it on the back burner for a while.
However due to a recent upsurge in cars being messed around with in the area, I'm going to press ahead with the project.

I'm looking at the Hikvision 4MP EXIR domes and considering installing 7 or 8 cameras to capture a 360 of the property however i may just start with 2 or 3 then build up.

I've attached a rough plan of how i think I'd like to install them.

For reference, the house is a dormer bungalow with cameras 1 and 2 being installed on the 2 corners of the dormer.

Camera 1 would be viewing over the drive and from its location to the furthest edge of the drive (marked with yellow star) is around 15M.
Camera 2 would be viewing over the remainder of the front of the property but may also capture a little of the road in front of the house.
Camera 3 (not sure about this one) wouldnt be as high as 1 & 2 but may be good for capturing faces if needed.
Camera 4 would be mounted higher than 1 & 2 to capture movement at the far side of the house.
Cameras 5 & 6 would be at same height as 1 & 2 but would capture any movements in garden.
Camera 7 would be same height as 3 but would capture any action at rear gate.

I'm thinking, based on distance requried for Camera 1, that a 4mm lens would be sufficent?
All cabling would be run to NVR in loft space with the network connection to router managed by extenders.
Possibly run a KVM from loft space to main TV downstairs as well but will worry about that later.

Any advice?


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Re: Advice on system ideas

Postby adam » Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:47 pm

Hi Mikey,

Nice diagram! Yes the 2342 EXIR turret domes are a very good and unless you do need the widest angle possible (90 degrees) a 4mm at about 70 degrees would be your best bet. A 6mm would give you 50 degrees and focus in more to the cars, however being a bungalow and quite low down I'd probably stick with a 4mm. You could always try different lenses and re position to other parts of the property if better suited I guess.

Using the loft space is ideal to hide the wires and is a great place to position the recorder making it harder to get at...

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