Would these be OK

State your requirements here (residential/commercial/distance/area to be covered/budget etc) to find out what Hikvision solution will work for you.
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Would these be OK

Post by Bri6 »

I'm looking at your HD IP mix and match kit and would like your advice re the cameras.
Camera 1 would be at the front to overlook the drive and approx 5mtrs high
Camera 2 at the back looking down a long garden approx 10mtrs wide and set approx 3mtrs high.
Was thinking of:-
Camera 1 DS-2CD2342D-I 4mm Exir
Camera 2 DS-2CD2342D-I 2.8mm Exir
Both on the DS-1280ZJ-M junction boxes to the DS-7604NI-E1-4P-A NVR. 4 channels would be ample as I may depending on the two cameras coverage install 1 more camera at a later date.
I take it the 2.8mm gives a wider vision?
Thanks for your advice, Bri

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Re: Would these be OK

Post by adam »

Hi Bri,

Yes these would be a good choice of camera. You might be better off with both being a 4mm however as it is still a wide 90 degree field of view. Looking down the long garden the 2.8mm might be a bit too zoomed out, although you might get more of the immediate area. So you might have to compromise a little either way:

2.8 106 <6 For seeing as much of the immediate area as possible such as above a doorway/low down/garage soffits (edges can appear slightly warped/distorted) - clearly "zoomed out"

3.6/4 83-90 <12 A great general purpose option giving great coverage still in the corner of a room or higher up on second floor soffits with less distortion - more of a natural "zoom"

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