ANPR & multi camera upgrade

State your requirements here (residential/commercial/distance/area to be covered/budget etc) to find out what Hikvision solution will work for you.
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Alastair Dean
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ANPR & multi camera upgrade

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Hi All!
We have an old analogue system on a caravan park that I am working on replacing. I am hoping to incorporate ANPR with the option of integrating a barrier system in the future.

We currently have 2 DVRs in separate areas of the park with a total of 8 cameras at present. There is a wifi bridge between the buildings but that also handles VOIP and customer/staff internet traffic so I may not put all the camera traffic across it as well as it's only a 300Mbps link

The solution is still at the design stage as I want to get it right in all areas before getting carried away spending money!
There may also be some additional cameras added later in remote buildings but these can also piggyback off the wifi link with repeaters etc.

I'm unsure if I want a physical NVR or two or whether a dedicated PC based system would work just as well... more bed time reading needed.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks re ANPR or similar systems that may help with my thought process

Many thanks in advance.

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