Setting up Hik-Connect - (Updated 09/04/17)

Info and support on remote viewing on a Hikvision product.
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Setting up Hik-Connect - (Updated 09/04/17)

Postby adam » Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:40 pm

Hik Connect is an easy to setup platform giving Hikvision customers a free web P2P/DDNS service and app allowing you to access your Hikvision cameras on the go. The app can be thought of as 2 apps in one:

The 'Hik Connect' (p2p) part allows you to access your camera(s) without the need for port forwarding and just the scan of a QR code pretty much, now for both live viewing and playback. This also functions as a free DDNS service.

The 'Devices' part proves full iVMS (previous app) like functionality, where you can add a 'Hik Connect' device from the other section (using it as a DDNS service), or using a fixed IP address or 3rd party DDNS service. Port forwarding is required.

(Existing iVMS & HiDDNS users, things will function as normal on that platform until you upgrade to the latest NVR/DVR firmware which no longer supports HiDDNS in favour of Hik-Connect - new users MUST use Hik-Connect)

To setup Hik-Connect:

1) Ensure your NVR/DVR/Stand Alone Camera is plugged into your router and that you have platform access enabled under 'advanced network settings' in the config (which it should be as default or when going through the wizard) - on the latest firmware you may also have to set the verification code. It should display the status as online - if not try restarting your device and ensure the preferred DNS has something entered, your router's IP address should work.

2) Download the Hik-Connect app to your mobile device from the app store and create an account using either your email address or mobile number (click on the Hik-Connect button if you don't see this)

3) You can now click on the plus icon in the top right corner to load the QR code scanner. Here you scan the QR code from the sticker on the base/back/side of the device which will also require the verification code on the same sticker. Alternatively you can scan the QR code from within the recorders menu system (platform access) where it has the verification code also. (You may find you have to set your own custom verification code on the latest firmware.)

Having trouble scanning the code or doing this over the web interface? Unfortunately only the verification code is view able if accessing over the web interface - but if you click the pencil icon at the top right (which you can do if having trouble scanning the QR code with the 9 digit serial on the sticker) you can enter a 9 digit serial number - which forms part of the larger serial number which you see as follows under system information
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4) You should now be able to view the camera(s) without the need for further port forwarding (live view only). If you are happy with this and wish to share access to other phones/tablets you must login with the same account on those devices.

--- Optional advanced setup, to use the 'Devices' section, for remote PC/Mac viewing and for providing access to additional user accounts (requiring port forwarding) ---

5) Should you wish to regain iVMS like functionality in the'Devices' section of the Hik Connect App or view via iVMS/Firefox Browsers remotely, you will have to manually forward ports 80, 8000 and 554 to the Ip address of your device (unless you can get uPNP working to do it for you) on your router. This varies from router to router but you can use the guides on this site if you are stuck on the process: - and you can use this tester to verify you have them open correctly before proceeding at

6) Back to the Hik-Connect App if you hit the 'Device' icon at the bottom of the screen you enter a different section of the App, which is completely separate to the Hik-Connect part and alike the outgoing iVMS app. You can click the plus icon at the top of the screen and go to manual adding.

7) Set the device name under Alias and leave the Register mode as-is (Hik-Connect Domain). Tap 'Device Domain' below and you should see a device ID to choose from (Check under Other Devices if trying to add a device shared by another user). Then enter the device username and password before hitting the save icon at the top right to hopefully see the camera number update and the option to 'Start Live View' at the bottom!

--- Sharing access to other users --

8) The simplest way to allow access to other mobile phone/tablet users in your family for example is to use the same login on the different devices, which is the only way to do it without port forwarding. Should you wish to share device access to another user account you will have to login to and use the share function to enable them to add it at step 5 (meaning port forwarding is required) - they cannot add it from within the basic Hik-Connect section unfortunately.

--- Viewing over a Mac/PC --

9) You can access using The latest iVMS Software (or Firefox if you can install the plugin) by going to where the x's will have to be replaced by your Hik-Connect domain, which as default is the 9 digit serial number. Or of course if you have a static IP address (usually only an option for businesses) or are using a 3rd party DDNS service, you use that. But port forwarding is required (Step 5).

Feel free to leave any comments below or if you get stuck...

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Re: Setting up Hik-Connect - (Updated 09/04/17)

Postby adam » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:52 pm

--- Push Notifications ---

So today we have been testing this out and have it working so it gives you a nice little screen shot and a playback link. However this ONLY works from the main Hik-Connect account from within the Hik-Connect Section. To enable this you have to hit the settings wheel at the top right when viewing any camera, then you will see the camera list below the Hikvision logo. Then click into each of the camera's setting to enable push notifications for the individual camera you wish to have this working for (You can name them here also).

It also has to be setup at the NVR/Camera end by ticking 'Notify Surveillance Center' under 'linkage method' for the event type you are using.

You might end up with loads and loads of notifications, so we recommend if using motion at all times for recording you use one of the smart events such as line crossing within set hours only.

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Re: Setting up Hik-Connect - (Updated 09/04/17)

Postby mikroman » Tue May 30, 2017 12:15 pm


Is it possible to setup so a shared user can only view certain cameras? Would I have to setup each camera individually on Hik-Connect?


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Re: Setting up Hik-Connect - (Updated 09/04/17)

Postby malford » Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:38 pm

I'd like to know the answer as well for shared usage as 2 of my cameras are shared with a neighbourhood watch scheme.

Until I get definitive answer I'll stay with the HiDDNS setup which works ok

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Re: Setting up Hik-Connect - (Updated 09/04/17)

Postby TXAgcam » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:13 pm

This is driving me crazy... I enable DHCP then am having no issues connecting to Hik Cloud/hik-connect. Everything is groovy and working for about a day then I lose connection to Hik Cloud, go into my settings and DHCP is disconnect and Hik Cloud register status is: Offline? Then I do it all over again.

Anyone have any suggestions? Attached are my settings when it's working.
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Re: Setting up Hik-Connect - (Updated 09/04/17)

Postby josh07 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:06 pm

My device won't add it says added with an red x next to it and no one anywhere seems to know why!

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Re: Setting up Hik-Connect - (Updated 09/04/17)

Postby cctvpagong » Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:33 pm

Hi. I have been trying to setup hik connect on my iPhone using iVMS4500 but whenever I scan the QR code and search for the device, it always gives me an error “device does not found”.
Hik connect is enabled on my DVR
Please help

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