Connecting a Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP wifi doorbell

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Connecting a Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP wifi doorbell

Postby gercit » Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:20 pm

Hi there,
first of all say hello to everyone, I'm new here, so thanks for let me be part of this ;)

I'm trying to connect the Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP wifi doorbell but it turns impossible to me...
I installed the app on iOS (HIK-Connect), and the only thing I can do is to watch the live streaming, because the only registering mode that I can do is by "IP-Domain", but when I press the call button on the device, the woman inside say to me "no account find".
I need to add or vincule the device to my HIK account, but I can't complete the registering by "Hik-Connect Domain", when I try to add it on the app (by scanning the QR or by manually putting the serial number) it show the same message everytime: "device exception", so it was unable to register the device on my HIK account.
Having been working on that almost all the day, I try to add it to my HIK account it by connecting it by the PC software "iVMS-4200" and when I try to add the device to my account, it pop up this message:
"Adding Falled, error code: OpenSDK[302004]"
looking on the web, that error code mean "device exception" but whitout an explanation of what that means, or how to fix it, so I'm stuck with no clue how to solve it.
I did the software upgrade and the problem of "device exception" happened before and after making the software upgrade.
That is, always gave the same error no matter what firmware was installed.
From the store it comes with V1.4.61build_170912 and gives de device exception error, then I upgrade to the V1.4.62build_171201 and repeat the same story.

NOTE: if I input the device IP adress in my PC web bowser, it shows nothing... (yes, they are in the same wifi network)

Anyone have any idea of what may be happening, or what I am doing wrong?


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Re: Connecting a Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP wifi doorbell

Postby kevinkelm » Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:41 pm

I'm having the exact same problem. I'll reply if I figure it out!

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Re: Connecting a Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP wifi doorbell

Postby ronc » Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:43 pm

I had that problem too, it did not want to connect to my network. The reason being that it wanted to use a locked network only (I have an "open", "unsecured" network because I have Cisco access points, switches and a router and cisco hardware takes care of access control).. What I did was downgrade the firmware, by installing away older version, had it connect to the local network, and after that (with an SD card, install a newer version. After after a while that version wanted to update/upgrade, so I let it do it.

The doorbell connects to the wifi by itself, using DHCP.

What I am trying to do now is get ONVIF to work, but I don't even know if the firmware I have is capable of that even.


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