Error code OpenSDK StringError [526520]

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Error code OpenSDK StringError [526520]

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Good day, dear members of this forum.

I recently bought and installed several cameras and NVR from HiWatch (by Hikvision).
Installation and setup did not cause difficulties, but when I entered in iVMS-4200 (v. for realtime camera view, sometime one of the four cameras shows nothing. This situation occurs both when connecting within the local network, where the NVR is installed, and via a remote Internet connection (including mobile application Hik-Connect (Android). Inside a window with a broken realtime view, the following error is displayed: Error code OpenSDK StringError [526520]
But, if I reboot NVR - everything works fine for a while. And then the situation repeats itself until the next reboot.
Version of firmware NVR and cameras are latest.
What could be the problem?

Models of devices:

NVR: HiWatch DS-N208P(B)
cameras: HiWatch DS-I253M 2.8mm (1pcs) + HiWatch DS-I202(C) 4mm (3pcs)
Connecting all cameras to NVR is made via twisted pair (copper) using PoE-technology. Maximum cable lenght from NVR to the farthest camera ~ 18m

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