IVMS 4500 adding thumbnail picture to phones gallery

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IVMS 4500 adding thumbnail picture to phones gallery

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Good Evening,

I'm new to the forum so hopefully I've added this to the correct area, if not I apologize in advance.

We are having a bit of an issue and it's stumped us so hoping that someone here might have come across this before or know a fix.

We use IVMS 4500 to view both the office and home CCTV. My partner is using an up-to-date Samsung S21 Ultra with IVMS Version 4.7.7(Build 20191029) and every time she opens the app it adds thumbnail pictures to the phone's gallery under the NVR's model number of every single camera (30+). Even stranger is 2 of the cameras she does not have access to but it still includes thumbnails from these 2 cameras with the image. This only happens with the Office NVR and not the home NVR and doesn't happen to my phone (Samsung Note 20 Ultra) or another Managers's iPhone.

We have checked all settings and all 3 phones have the same information, cleared data and cache, uninstalled and reinstalled but still getting the issue.

Many thanks in advance


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